Nike Dunk NG Golf

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Nike Dunk NG


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For the first time, in 2011, Nike debuted the Nike Dunk (NG) Golf shoe. Two Nike athletes, Michelle Wie and Anthony Kim were chosen to debut this iconic shoe. Michelle Wie would go on to wear the women’s colorways of these Dunks during the Women’s Canadian Open and Anthony Kim in the mens colorways during the PGA Tour.

Staying true to the original Nike Dunk, Nike Golf kept the original last to ensure that the Nike Dunk NG feels just the same as the Dunks that people have grown to love without compromising performance for golf. With golf specific spikes on the outsole and golf specific waterproof leather, the Nike Dunk has been transformed to perform on the course.

These shoes are one of a kind and are extremely hard to come around, so don't miss out on this chance of owning this pair! They can be a great addition to any collection.